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1962 . Una 600 in America

I came across your Fiat 600 website and while I don't understand Italian, I had a great time looking at the vintage Fiat publicity photos and especially, the contemporary images of 600s and their proud owners.

I wish to share a treasured family photo with you. Attached is a picture taken on Easter Sunday, April 22, 1962 in Miami, Florida of my father's 600 parked in our driveway. Standing in front and holding a basket full of Easter eggs is me, age 3. I remember our Seicento vividly and with extreme affection, though I was very young. The little Fiat was my parents' only car for 5 years and was virtually trouble-free that entire time. My dad used it for commuting to work, running errands around town and the occasional highway trip. Even after all these years I can close my eyes, hear the engine humming and see my dad shifting through the gears as I rode in the Fiat's back seat. We all had a great time with our 600.

Thanks again for your wonderful website dedicated to these sweet and lovely cars.

Very Best Regards,

Ray Wodehouse
Ephrata, Pennsylvania U.S.

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